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The Most Popular Bag In This Summer

The Most Popular Bag In This Summer


With grass, rattan, hemp and other natural plant-based knitting bag has been pushing the fashion magazines, especially big push, Messenger-style, double-back style, hand-held ¡­not only cope with casual flavor of the occasion, and let you also show for formal occasions. An exquisite workmanship, material woven bags may not be cheaper than a leather handbag, but it is enough to board something presentable and acceptable quality. Garden-style woven bag is the most prominent major brands, rattan woven hemp and other materials of various styles, decorated with flowers, both casual feel, brings lady-like elegance. Flowers straw shoulder bag, this exquisite little bag trapezoidal, lovely little flowers naturally, brings you the idyllic natural, fresh flavor, elegant crisp texture, flavor exudes cool summer. Navy straw shoulder bag with a beautiful pure navy stripes, cute cute bow, bring your girl like the pure style, simple design, elegant color, very suitable for hot summer outfit. Bow straw shoulder bag, this beautifully woven with a hollow, sweet matte finish color, fashion and lovely pure white Philippine side,the natural sweet and infinitely romantic, sweet bow is a cute bag fashion essential element.


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