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Angel Studio General Permission System Open Source Release

1. An introduction to Angel Studio's simple universal permission system

    AngelRM is based on Asp.Net2.0 + EasyUI + Jquery technology. EasyUI is used to develop and display UI at the front desk. Easyui Form is mainly responsible for front-end logic interaction, and then combined with jQuery Ajax + ashx to submit data requests.

Second, the frame features

1. Architecture design and development based on ASP.NET 2.0 + ashx + EasyUI + Jquery

2. Adopt ADO.NET three-layer model, with the advantages of low coupling, high reuse, low life cycle cost, high maintainability, and favorable software engineering management.

3. Using ajax + html, the client completely got rid of the server-side code and server space to directly interact

4. Using EasyUI front-end UI interface plug-in, you can easily create a rich and beautiful UI interface

5. The data access layer uses the powerful AngelData powerful connection class developed based on ADO.NET to perfectly support multi-database operations

6. Modified a large part of the more practical easyui controls and components, etc.


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