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ASP.NET MVC general role rights management system open source (AngelRM_MVC) released

1. The main features of asp.net mvc general authority management system (response layout) source code are as follows:

   AngelRM (Asp.net MVC) is based on asp.net (C #) MVC + front-end bootstrap + ztree + lodash + jquery technology, uses bootstrap to develop and display UI for the front desk, Web Api is mainly responsible for front-end logical interaction, and then combined with jQuery Ajax + Web Api Make a request to submit data.

Second, the frame features

1. For the convenience of reading and writing data and the maturity of the language, choose asp.net to develop more efficiently and quickly;

2. The system architecture adopts MVC framework with the advantages of low coupling, high reusability, fast deployment and high maintainability;

3. The system configuration file data is cached using HttpRuntime.Cache, which makes the program more efficient and faster in operation;

4. The selection of the database, based on the data size of the system and the relevant requirements of the demand side, comprehensively consider various factors, and select mysql as the system database after investigating various databases;

5. According to the characteristics of the functional module, the operating environment selects the window server2008 + IIS, and the deployment is more concise;

6. Use the report to export the open source component NPOI to read and write Word or Excel documents without installing Office;

7. In order to be compatible with more browsers, make the user interface more user-friendly. We have chosen bootstrap, a responsive layout framework;

8. We use echarts open source software for system reports, and we provide a very cool graphical interface, featuring maps, and also provide histograms, line charts, pie charts, bubble charts and four-quadrant charts;

9. The system adopts bootstrap responsive layout, so that in the face of different resolution devices, it has strong flexibility and can quickly solve the problem of multi-device display adaptation;

10. The system is based on ASP.NET (C #) MVC + web api + Bootstrap + Jquery + MYSQL front-end adopts responsive layout to significantly improve page compatibility;

System advantages:

Code can meet the needs of most developers, allowing developers to save a lot of time

Open source download address GitHub address: https://github.com/Angelasp/AngelRM_MVC


Updates are as follows:

1. An example of the file upload function is added to ensure that the file can be uploaded, saved and downloaded without error;

2. Optimize the background system framework code and delete other useless functions of previous large projects;

3. The compression of newly added page code JS and css files makes the system run faster;

4. A verification process is added to the system login page, so that it will be verified from time to time when the verification code is entered;

5. Optimize the data loading function of the system loading page prompt.


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